Delivery Type
Last updated, December 2022

You may choose between the "standard" or "accelerated" delivery types within the "Bidding & Optimization" section when creating or editing an ad group. Your choice of ad delivery method determines the delivery speed of your ad and the velocity of your budget spend.

Selecting either delivery type does not affect the average cost of a single result within your ad delivery period. Choosing a specific ad delivery type is based on your advertising goals. Details on the differences between the two are provided below.

Standard Delivery

With standard delivery, your budget will be spent as evenly as possible within your ad delivery period. This will help spread your budget across a longer period of time and avoid any leftover balance. Although the cost of a single result may be higher or lower than your bid, the fluctuation will be relatively small and the average cost will be close to your bid.

Choosing Standard Delivery ensures that your ads are displayed to the target audience based on the distribution of traffic within the selected period of delivery. This helps optimize your return on advertising spend.

For example, if you run an ad for only one day, most of your budget will be spent in the evening if the volume of traffic is higher than during the day. In other words, the ad delivery frequency corresponds to the volume of traffic.

Accelerated Delivery

With accelerated delivery, your budget will be spent based on getting as many results as possible in the shortest time frame. This may result in a higher or lower fluctuating cost for a single result compared to standard delivery, but the average cost still remains close to your bid.

Choosing accelerated delivery ensures the highest exposure of your ads to the target audience as quick as possible. This helps optimize your advertising results in the selected period of delivery.

For example, if you think running your ad in the evening will produce better results than the afternoon, you may schedule your delivery for evening hours and select accelerated delivery to increase the exposure of your ads. In other words, accelerated delivery gets your ad the most impressions as quickly as possible.

Note: The difference between accelerated delivery and increasing the bid. Increasing the bid raises the cost of a single result while accelerated delivery accelerates budget spend.

Comparing Delivery Methods

Let's say you set a daily budget of $1,000. With standard delivery, the $1,000 is spent according to the volume of the traffic throughout the day. With accelerated delivery, the $1,000 is spent as quickly as possible. Below is a visual outlining the difference between the two delivery methods.

Delivery Type-types