About Pangle
Last updated, July 2024

Pangle is the ad network of TikTok for Business, enabling you to reach people across top local publishers, totaling over 100,000 global apps, directly from the integrated TikTok Ads Manager platform. As one of the fastest growing mobile ad networks, Pangle continues to expand beyond Android and iOS app traffic into smartphone original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and mobile web traffic.


Pangle offers brand safe, transparent, and secure traffic, as well as full-funnel solutions to cater to a range of business objectives and verticals. Pangle's diverse and immersive ad formats help to provide a better ad experience for people, with the purpose of driving impactful results for businesses.

Pangle includes the following bidding strategies:

  • Pangle provides 3 ad pricing models: CPC, CPM, and oCPM.

    • oCPM supports 3 Bid Strategies, including Cost Cap, Lowest Cost, and Hybrid Bidding.

  • Pangle provides 2 delivery types: Standard Ad Delivery and Accelerated Ad Delivery.

    • Includes one Smart Optimization to manage budget consumption.