About Business Verification

To facilitate better transparency for users and support a trusted ads environment, TikTok will authenticate all advertisers by requiring them to submit a verification document for review.

Requirements for business verification?

You will need to submit documents that verify your identity or that of your business. To learn how to complete the verification, go to: How to Complete Business Verification.

TikTok will validate these documents and indicate when you have been authenticated. If the documents are not approved, or you miss the date, there is a possibility your ability to post ads will be impacted.

Impacted countries or regions

For the initial phase, if you're registered in one of the following countries or regions, you will be able to complete business verification:

  1. Austria

  2. Belgium

  3. Bulgaria

  4. Croatia

  5. Republic of Cyprus

  6. Czech Republic

  7. Denmark

  8. Estonia

  9. Finland

  10. France

  11. Germany

  12. Greece

  13. Hungary

  14. Iceland

  15. Ireland (Republic of Ireland exc. Northern Ireland)

  16. Italy

  17. Latvia

  18. Liechtenstein

  19. Lithuania

  20. Luxembourg

  21. Malta

  22. Netherlands

  23. Norway

  24. Poland

  25. Portugal

  26. Romania

  27. Slovakia

  28. Slovenia

  29. Spain

  30. Sweden

  31. Switzerland

  32. United Kingdom