Creative Tools on Creative Center
Last updated, September 2023

Under Creative Tools, leverage free tools to help build, edit, or mockup a video. Also select royalty-free music or generate a video script.

Video Editor & Video Templates

Video Editor is a video editing tool that gives you the freedom to edit and customize your content with TikTok styled elements, including royalty-free music, text fonts, text colors, creative dimensions and more.

Video Templates provides you with various ad templates to quickly make a customized video by simply selecting a template and uploading existing photos, texts, and videos.

FAQ: Note that videos created using Video Editor and Video Template cannot be directly downloaded from Creative Center. Instead, they must be published via TikTok Ads Manager by either of these 2 ways:

  1. If you log into Creative Center with a TikTok for Business or Ads Manager account, this will allow you to directly send any created ads from Video Editor or Video Template to your linked TikTok Ads Manager accounts. To do this, after you have finished creating your asset, click the paper airplane "Publish" icon, then "Send to linked accounts," which will port your asset into the Ads Manager account you select.

  2. Or, if you don't have access to a TikTok for Business account, you can log in with a TikTok or Google account, which will allow you to create and save the assets, then share them with the person who manages the TikTok Ads Manager account you wish to run the creative in. To do this, after creating the asset, click the paper airplane "Publish" icon, then "Send to new accounts," and send the URL link to the person who manages the Ads Manager account in which the ad will live. Once the Ads Manager owner opens up the URL you send them, they'll see an option to "Save to Ads Manager," where they can then use the asset in campaign setup.

Interactive Add-on

Interactive Add-on helps advertisers visually understand all the innovative TikTok ad formats and features, while also previewing their ads with add-ons just how they will look once live.

Script Generator

Script Generator is a tool that generates ad scripts leveraging the power of smart technology, providing you with ad script ideas in a matter of seconds. Provide your industry, product name and description, and Script Generator generates ad scripts broken out into scenes, with on-screen visual, voiceover, and text-overlay recommendations.

Commercial Music Library

Commercial Music Library is a searchable directory of audio cleared for commercial use in TikTok ads. Filter for various themes, genres, moods, and durations to find the most suitable track for your ad, and also check out the Playlist page to quickly find music collections with different popular themes.