FAQs for Search Ads Toggle
Last updated, September 2023

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions on Search Ads Toggle.

How is my ad matched to the user search query?

Keywords are automatically created, matched, and connected with ads to respond to user queries. There is no keyword-specific control available at this time. The automatic system will look at the App name, custom identity, video content (including text and non-text elements), URL (content from the web landing page), and video title as its main source of learning to understand which keywords are relevant. In the future, Search ads plan to introduce increased control over keywords.

What are the definitions of TikTok’s exact match, phrase match, and broad match?

Match types for negative keywords are aligned with industry standards for other search engines including Google, Microsoft, and other engines. To learn more about these, refer to About negative keyword match types.

Why do I not see any search ads delivery even though I left the Search Ads Toggle on during the campaign setup?

It is not guaranteed that enabling Search Ads Toggle will directly translate into your ads being delivered under search placement. Enabling the toggle simply allows your ad to be considered for search placement. At the end of the day, our delivery system also takes into account of other factors such as ad relevancy to the search query, metadata, budgets, competition, etc. to decide which ad to serve for a specific search query.

Can I change the Search Ads Toggle status of my ad groups after activating?

Yes, once the campaign has been saved, the toggle can only be moved from the "off" to the "on" position, but not from the "on" to the "off" position. Please note that the ability to toggle from "on" to "off" is available exclusively within the campaign creation flow for all new campaigns.

To learn more about using Search Ads Toggle via TikTok API for Business, refer to this API documentation.