Lead Generation Audience
Last updated, July 2023

Lead Generation is a Custom Audience option that allows you to create an audience from users who engaged with your Lead Generation ads with an Instant Form. For example, you can retarget users who viewed your Instant Form without submitting it to improve campaign efficiency. To learn more about Lead Ads, refer to "What's the Lead Generation Objective".

A minimum audience size of 1,000 is required to target Custom Audiences in an ad group.

Specifically, a Lead Generation Audience refers to users who have engaged with your Instant Form by viewing or submitting the form. Below, you can find a complete list of events and their definitions that you can use to build a lead-generation audience.

Event Name


Form View

When a user views a form

Form Submission

When a user submits a form

Create a Lead Generation Audience

  1. Go to Assets and click Audiences.

  2. Click Create Audience, choose Custom Audience, and select Lead Generation.

  3. Under Include, select the type of engagement and time period (we provide various lookback windows).

  4. Click the Add more rules icon and choose Broaden Audience or Narrow Audience. Broaden Audience allows you to create an audience with one engagement type OR another engagement type, whereas Narrow Audience allows you to create an audience with one engagement type AND another engagement type.

    1. For example, if you want to create an audience who viewed AND submitted the Instant Form, they would choose Narrow Audience.

  5. Click Exclude People and enter engagement and time period if you want to exclude certain users from being added to your Lead Generation Audience. You can skip this step if you want to include everyone.

  6. Name your audience.

  7. Toggle Auto-Refresh

    1. The default status of the auto-refresh toggle is enabled for custom audiences with this option, for more details please see Custom Audience Auto-Refresh.

  8. Click Confirm to create your audience.


  • ​One advertiser can have up to 400 custom audiences at one time within the account.

  • Lead Generation only supports TikTok placement