How to manage account settings on a TikTok Business Center Account
Last updated, May 2024

TikTok Business Center is a central space to manage your business and advertising on TikTok. The account settings in your Business Center will allow you to update information about your Business Center account.

Before you begin

  • Only members with Admin access can update business settings.

  • If you want to update information about the business connected to your Business Center account, including your business name, region, currency, or time zone, you'll need to contact support.

To manage your Business Center account settings:

  1. Go to Business Center.

  2. Click Business Settings.

  3. In the Business Center Information section, you can change your Business Center name and profile image.

  4. In the Your information section, click Edit. You can change your email address, phone number or Business Center password, or remove yourself from a Business Center account.

  5. You can view a list of Admins.

  6. You can turn on Two-Step Verification.

Learn more about user settings.