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Interest Targeting
Interests are determined by a user's behavior related to different content types. Behaviors types may include views, clicks, etc. Content types may include videos, ads, articles, etc. 

When a user's interaction with certain categories is high, their profile will be associated with a corresponding interest. For example, a user's profile can be associated with 'Travel' and 'Gaming' because they often watch travel videos and click on gaming ads.

Usage of Interests

Ad Delivery

While creating an ad group, you can select "Interest Categories" under the targeting module. Your ad will be pushed to users whose profile fall under the the specific category you select.

Targeting by interest can improve your ad delivery accuracy by enabling you to pinpoint the exact audience you want your ads to be displayed to. Here are two useful ways to think about interest targeting:

Product Characteristics: You can select the interest based on product characteristics. For example, if you want to promote a “Maxi Dress”, you can choose “Apparel & Accessories”.

Use CasesYou can select the interest based on use cases. For example, if you are promoting a “Maxi Dress” and you think that users who travel may have a need for a Maxi Dress, you can select the interest “Travel”.

Please note that when you select more than one interest, the target audience is composed of users that meet only one individual criteria, not users who meet all criteria. For example, when you select the interests, “Travel”, “Game” and “Education”, we will show your ad to users who are interested in "Travel" or "Game" or "Education".

Some examples of interest categories you can target include, Apparel & Accessories, Appliances, Apps, Automobile, Baby, Kids & Maternity, Beauty & Personal Care, Education, Food & Beverage, Financial Services, Games, News & Entertainment, Pets, Sports & Outdoors, Tech & Electronics, Travel.

Note: Your ads will not be delivered on placements which do not support interest targeting.


When evaluating your ad performance, you can view segmented data and insights broken down by interests. This helps you better evaluate the targeting criteria and optimize your ads



Q: Why do I see interests in my report that I did not previously select?

A: User profiles can actually have multiple interests associated with them. For example, if you only select "Games" as your target interest, the system will only deliver your ads to a user who is associated with the interest "Games". However, this user can be associated with multiple interests, for example - "Games" and "Travel". 

This means that when a user converts (clicks or installs), the system will record all the interests that the user is associated with in your report, not only "Games" but also "Travel" will show up. Keep in mind that regardless the number of interests a user is associated with, conversions are only counted once in your actual billing.

This is a great method for gaining insights and optimizing your ads. If you notice that a large portion of converted users come from an interest you have not selected previously, adding that interest to your targeting can help your ad reach more potential users that convert!