App Activity
Last updated, May 2024

App Activity audience is a Custom Audience option that allows you to create an audience of users who have completed certain events within your app.

A minimum audience size of 1,000 is required to target Custom Audiences in an ad group.

Starting April 2024, the audience manager page in TikTok Ads Manager will now display 'Total Matched Users'. This change will help advertisers get a better understanding of the presence of their audiences on TikTok. Only opted-in users can be reached with a TikTok campaign.

The 'Available Audience' size estimator on the campaign creation step will display a more realistic reach of the campaign using a custom audience. The 'Available Audience' is based on a number of factors including the user's opt-in status, age and location, among others. To read more, visit Audience Size Estimation Overview

Available Events


Day 2 Retention

Add Payment Info

Add to Cart

Add to Wishlist

Launch App

Complete Tutorial

View Content

Create Group

Create Role

Generate Lead

In-App Ad Click

In-App Ad Impression

Join Group

Achieve Level

Loan Apply

Loan Approval

Loan Disbursal






Spend Credits

Start Trial


Unlock Achievement


With this type of Custom Audience, you can target your ads to people who have previously used your app, but whom you want to engage with again. You have the option to create audiences by app id/name from attributed events as well as non-attributed events once set up. Learn more about enabling non-attributed events for your app here.

Prerequisite of Using This Feature

Event Set up: Configure app events and access to post back event data to TikTok on your third-party tracking platform.

Please ensure that you turn on the in-app events option in your third-party tracking platform for the App Activity audience to work properly. Once turned on, the Install event will be posted back by default unless you configure it for other events.

To Create an App Activity Audience

  1. ​Go to the Audience section under Assets

  2. ​Click on Create Audience, choose Custom Audience and select App Activity

  3. ​Under Include, select the event type, app name/id and time period (we provide various lookback windows)

  4. ​Click the Add more rules icon and choose Broaden Audience or Narrow Audience. Broaden Audience allows you to create an audience with one event type OR another event type, whereas Narrow Audience allows you to create an audience with one event type AND another event type

    1. For example, if an advertiser wants to create an audience who installed the app AND made an in app purchase, they would choose Narrow Audience

  5. ​Exclude People and enter event type, app name/id and time period if you want to exclude certain users from being added to your list. You can skip this step if you want to include everyone.

    1. For example, we will select users who Install in the past 30 days and exclude those who Purchase in the past 30 days.

  6. ​Toggle Auto-Refresh

    1. The default status of the auto-refresh toggle is enabled for Custom Audiences with this option, for more details please see Custom Audience Auto-Refresh

  7. Name your audience.

  8. ​Click Confirm to create your audience.


  • ​One advertiser can have up to 400 custom audiences at one time within the account.

  • Events available to be tracked may vary among different third-party trackers. To view a list of events supported by different third-party tracking platforms, please refer to Third Party Tracking.

  • Pangle placement supports both Attributed and Unattributed Events.