Automatic Placement and Select Placement
Last updated, November 2023

About Ad Placement

TikTok Ads Manager provides multiple options for advertisers to reach extended audiences beyond TikTok.

While we recommend delivering your ads across all placement options to increase potential reach, you can select your preferred placement type when creating an ad group.

The main placements through TikTok Ads Manager are the following ones:

  • ​TikTok: Following Feed, For You Feed, Profile Feed, ads in Shopping Center, search ads, and others.

  • Global App Bundle: Multiple Ad formats on Non-TikTok apps.

  • Pangle

Note: Not all placements are available. Availability depends on the ad type, targeting, ad creation, and country of delivery. To obtain the latest information on available placements, refer to Placements and Available Locations.

Types of placements

Before getting started: Please keep in mind that the placement setting cannot be changed after an ad group is created.

Automatic Placement

Automatic Placement uses all the available placements to offer you the best result for your ad. In this mode, the ad system can explore and learn from the most extensive audience scope and place your ads across our various applications. We recommend this type of placement to most advertisers.

During the delivery of your ads, the machine focuses on the chance that your ad can be placed within your selected placements based on a relatively low actual bid. Essentially, the cost you see is the best choice provided according to the system taking active users, competition environment, your own bid, and budget upon delivery into consideration.

In contrast, if the ad system delivers all your ads in the placements that you consider as the lowest cost, it may fail to achieve the same results and delivery may be inefficient. However, with automatic placement, the system uses a smart calculation to give you the best combination of ad placements possible across our app portfolio. This means you can spend less time fine-tuning your ad placements, and more time focusing on your business.

Note: Our delivery system aims to create the most targeted results with the overall minimum average delivery costs, not based on the specific minimum average costs of each placement.

Select Placement

Select Placement lets you manually choose the apps you wish to deliver your ads on. If you use this method, we do recommend selecting multiple placements (more than one app) so that our system has some flexibility to deliver your ads and maximize results.