Block List

Before getting started: Currently only available in Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Peru, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

What is a Block List?

Block List is a function that prevents your ads from appearing on certain media platforms giving you control to ensure your brand's security.

It is simple to use. Create and manage a block list, and then activate it when creating or editing your ad groups. Keep in mind that using block lists may result in fewer ad impressions.

Creating and Managing a Block List

  • ​You can visit TikTok Ads > Account > Brand Security > Block List

  • ​Enter the IDs or upload a txt file of the applications you don't want your ads to appear on

    • ​To block Android applications, please enter or upload the package names

    • ​To block IOS applications, please enter or upload the Bundle IDs

  • ​Enter up to 2000 APP IDs

  • ​Edit any Bundle ID you have entered

  • ​Delete applications in bulk when you no longer wish to block them

  • ​After you create a block list, you must activate it when creating or editing an ad group

Activating a Block List

When creating or editing an ad group:

  • ​ In Select Placement, Select Automatic Placement or select Pangle

  • ​Switch on Block List (Pangle)

Block List-Activating