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Set up an Ad
TikTok Ads Manager structures ads into three parts: campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Once you've created your campaign and ad group, click "Next" and you'll be taken to the ad creation page.

Creating your ad is super easy. Upload your own edited videos or images, or design eye-catching ads in minutes with our simple and easy-to-use video creation tool. 

TikTok Ads Manager currently supports two ad formats: images and videos. Ads format and specifications will also vary depending on your placement. For detailed format and specification requirements, please see Image Ads Specification and Video Ads Spec.

Note: There is an ad limit of 20 ads per ad group.

Add Creative

Select either "Image" or "Video" as your ad format. Please note that TikTok currently only supports video ads. Our News Feed apps "TopBuzz / BuzzVideo / NewsRepublic" support both image and video ads. 

There are three options for uploading your media:
  • Add from Computer: You can upload your media from your computer directly.
  • Add from Assets: You can access your media from previous ads here. They will be stored in your creative assets automatically.
  • Create a VideoThis creation tool allows you to build stunning videos easily. You can select either "Use Video Template" or "Smart Video". 
    • Use Video Template - Create video ads based on existing images using our pre-approved stunning templates. Refer to the Video Creation Kit for details on using templates.
    • Smart Video - Use our Smart Video function which automatically analyzes your media to create edited videos like a pro. 


Choose a Cover

Choosing a cover photo is an important part of grabbing attention. You can upload your own custom cover photo or choose one from one of the pre-selected images from your video. Based on the length of your video, up to 8 keyframes will be displayed to choose from.

Preview Your Creative

Now it is time to preview of your ad. Note that these ad previews are not device-specific and the actual ads will be adjusted based on a user's device and network conditions.

To preview what your ad will look like once published, we recommend previewing all ads on your actual device. See the How to Preview Ads for the step-by-step method on how to do so.

Enter Ad Name

This helps you distinguish between ads within your ad group. Insert name or use the default name that appears. The ad name is only for your reference and is not part of your ad.

Enter Ad Text

The ad text will be shown above your ad. We support 12-100 English characters (6-50 Chinese/Japanese characters). Emojis, "{ }" and "#" cannot appear in the ad text. Punctuation and spaces count as characters.

The display of the text will vary according to different models and operating systems, and long text can be at risk for not showing completely on the screen display.

Add Call-to-Action

Tell your audience what you'd like them to when they see your ad. Choose from:

Available Calls to Action
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Click the "Submit" button to create your ad. You can then either create another ad by clicking the "Add" button, "Copy" to copy an existing ad, or "Delete" to delete the ad you just edited.