Global App Bundle Placement

Global App Bundle

Grow your business with advertising placements on our Global App Bundle (including Resso for now).

Campaign Objectives

Global App Bundle placement supports the following advertising objectives - App Promotion - Web Conversions and Traffic.

Supported Bidding Methods

Select from three bidding methods - CPM, CPC, or oCPC.

For traffic: Use CPM or CPC

For others: Use CPM, CPC, oCPM

Ad Position

Ads may display in the following positions within our Global App Bundle:

  • Resso: Take over

  • Others: Pending

Global App Bundle Placement - Output

Ad Format

When selecting take over for App Promotion - Web Conversions and Traffic, your ads may appear in Resso.

  • Take over: Ads that appear at first view upon opening the app. This format supports both images and videos.

    • Takeover full-screen format.

    • Takeover half-screen format has a CTA button for more actions.