Global App Bundle Placement
Last updated, May 2024

Global App Bundle is an integrated traffic solution that places ads on ByteDance's exciting emerging apps, such as CapCut and Fizzo. The Global App Bundle gives advertisers access to additional audiences beyond TikTok while making sure that ads are only shown on high-quality apps and in premium ad slots.

About the apps currently included in the Global App Bundle:

  • CapCut: CapCut is a free all-in-one video editor, enjoyed by hundreds of millions of creators and creative professionals across the globe. Besides powerful editing features, CapCut also offers video templates that make video creation and export to TikTok & other social media platforms easy like never before. For advertisers, CapCut is a great place to reach influential, young audiences beyond TikTok at scale.

  • Fizzo: Fizzo is a popular mobile reading app launched in Indonesia that offers a diverse set of immersive novels and stories. In Indonesia, Fizzo is ranked the most downloaded reading app on Google Play Store. For advertisers, Fizzo can help reach female family purchasing decision-makers.

Features and Benefits

For advertisers that are already running campaigns on TikTok Ads Manager, Global App Bundle can provide additional benefits, such as:

  • Access to a larger pool of potential customers across a range of apps.

  • Offering many targeting, bidding, and optimization features of TikTok Ads Manager, making integration with existing ad groups and campaigns effortless.

  • Potentially achieving higher conversion rates through an alternative set of apps, driving better overall campaign performance.

Supported Campaign Objectives

Global App Bundle currently supports the following objectives:

  • Traffic

  • Website Conversions (TikTok Instant Page is not supported)

  • App Promotion (Currently only supporting "App Install" Promotion Type)

Supported Targeting & Audience Features

Supported targeting features:

  • Location

  • Language

  • Age/Gender

  • Device

Supported custom audience features:

  • Engagement

  • App Activity

  • Website Traffic

The following targeting & audience features are currently not supported:

  • Automatic Targeting

  • Interests & Behaviors

  • Targeting expansion

  • Spending power

  • Lookalike audiences

  • Custom audiences created from Customer File, Premium Audience, Lead Generation, Business Account, and Shop Activity.

Supported Billing Type

  • CPC and oCPM

Supported Objectives & Optimization Goals

  • Traffic Objective: Click Optimization supported

  • Website Conversions Objective: Button, On web detail, Shopping, On web order Optimization supported

  • App Promotion Objective: Install optimization is supported, app retargeting and app pre-registration are not supported.

Available locations

Locations will determine the countries/markets where your Global App Bundle ads will be delivered. The following represents all available locations for managed accounts. Note: For self-serve accounts, available locations are determined by the country of your account registration, so please check your list in TikTok Ads Manager.

  • Asia Pacific: Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

  • Middle East and Africa: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

  • North and South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay

Ad Formats




- App Open Ad

- In-Feed Ad

- 2-Column Feed Ad

- Banner Ad


- App Open Ad

- Native Ad

App Open Ad

App Open Ad GIF 1
App Open Ad GIF 2

In-Feed Ad

In-Feed Ad GIF

2-Column Feed Ad

2-Column Feed Ad GIF

Native Ad

Native Ad GIF

Relationship between Global App Bundle & Pangle

  1. Pangle is a mobile advertising platform. It enables advertisers to effectively reach broad audiences by running ads in placements on 3rd party apps.

  2. Global App Bundle, which includes CapCut and Fizzo, integrates Pangle Ad Network and is powered by Pangle algorithms. Pangle Privacy Policy governs Pangle's data processing activities, and is displayed in ads delivered by Pangle in Global App Bundle together with Pangle Ad logo.