Appeal rejected ad with One Click Appeal for Shop Ads
Last updated, May 2024

All advertisers can use One Click Appeal for Shop Ads using the following:

  • Product Sales objective, Video Shopping Ads with TikTok Shop

  • Product Sales objective, LIVE Shopping Ads

To help simplify the ad review process, we have added the ability to appeal a rejected ad with one click. You can use the One Click Appeal feature to instantly trigger a second review for any rejected ad groups or ads.

 When you use One Click Appeal, you can immediately request a review for any ad or ad group that was fully or partially rejected. Requesting an appeal will cause the entire ad group to be re-reviewed, regardless of whether you requested a review of a single ad or the whole ad group. In this fashion, you can only request one review per ad group. 

Typically, most appeals are reviewed as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can choose to create additional Ad Groups.


Step 1: Access One Click Appeal

There are two ways to access One Click Appeal. To access it from your Ad Group or Ad list:

  1. Go to your Campaign tab. 

  2. Then go to your Ad Group or Ad list

  3. Click the ⚠️ icon on a rejected ad group or ad, then click View More

  4. The Appeal button will appear on the top of the Suggestions module. 

  5. Click Appeal.

To access One Click Appeal when editing an ad group or ad:

  1. Go to your Campaign tab. 

  2. Then go to your Ad Group or Ad list

  3. Select an ad group or ad, and click Edit

  4. The Appeal Button will Appear on the Issues with Ad Group / Issues with Ad sidebar. 

  5. Then click Appeal.

Step 2: Fill in the Appeal Details

Once you click Appeal, you will need to fill in the appeal details.

  1. From Ad Group Appeal pop-up, enter in the Appeal Reason. This field supports up to 2000 characters. You are free to enter your Appeal Reason in any language you prefer, but we will reply in English.

  2. Upload any Supporting Materials, if desired.

    • Supported File Types: JPG, PDF, JPG

    • File Size: less than or equal to 10MB

  3. Click Submit.

Step 3: Wait for the Results

While you wait for the results of your appeal, there will be several changes to the delivery status of the impacted campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

  • The status on the Ad Group and Ad lists page will show as "Not Delivering-Not Approved."

  • The Appeal button will no longer be available from the ad group's or ad's Suggestions module, and you will see "This Ad Group/Ad is under review."

  • You cannot edit an Ad Group and Ad after submitting a One Click Appeal.

  • However, in the meantime, you can choose to create additional Ad Groups.

Step 4: Check Appeal Results

If the appeal is successful:

  • Ads will start running, and their delivery status will change to "Active."

  • You will receive an email notification about the results of the appeal.

If the appeal is not successful:

  • On your Ad Group or Ad's Suggestion module, you will see the results saying that the appeal was disapproved.

  • On your ad group or ad's edit page, you will see that the ad group/ad was rejected.

  • You will receive an email notifying you that the appeal was unsuccessful.

Step 5: Next Steps if Appeal Fails

If your appeal is unsuccessful, we suggest taking the following actions:

  • Create new Ad Groups which adhere to the Advertising Policies.

  • Refer to our Advertising Policies for Ad Creative and Industry Entry.

  • Reach out to your sales representative.