About Catalog Event Match Rates

What is your event match rate?

Dynamic ad formats rely on matching capabilities between signal events and your product catalog. This guide will help you with match rate optimizations and diagnostics.

How is the match rate calculated?

Your event match rate is calculated by the number of signal events that match products in your catalog divided by the total number of signal events shared with TikTok.

For example: 600 "Add to Cart" events match products in your catalog / 1000 "Add to Cart" events shared with TikTok = 60% Add to Cart match rate

If your match rate is 0%




Content_ID parameter is missing or incorrect

Content_ID parameter acts as the matching "key" between signals and product catalog/feed

Without content_ID, we are unable to match signals events to the product catalog

Verify content_ID parameter passed through signals events is the same format used catalog/feed


Pixel: use the Test Events tool or Chrome extension and review the parameters passed

Events API: use the Test Events tool and review the parameters passed

If your match rate is under 50%




Catalog SKU coverage is missing or incomplete

Unable to match signals events to product catalog

- Verify SKU and content_ID parameters on signals events

- Diagnostic tool: Catalog Manager > Event sources dashboard > Apply “Events with Content IDs but Not Matching Catalog” Filter > Export list and cross reference Content_IDs with catalog

Intentional exclusion of products by using product sets

The match rate may not be able to exceed 50% due to limited product selection

- No technical changes are required

How frequently and by how much should your match rate change?

Match Rate should stay relatively the same for a 7-day lookback window. Replacing your catalog or making substantial changes to your product volume can impact your match rate. However, changes of +/-20% can indicate a misconfiguration and should be explored using the diagnostics tools referenced above. 

When your catalog and event source are first connected, expect that it could take several days for your match rate to stabilize. 

Tips for Increasing your event match rates

  • Increase event coverage by tracking the full funnel of user events. More events create more opportunities to match your product catalog.

  • Enable additional match keys to increase the probability of creating a match between a user event and a TikTok ad. User privacy is important to TikTok-when a user opts out of tracking, these additional match keys will not be used for attribution.