About Data Sharing on TikTok App on Shopify
Last updated, May 2023

Data sharing on TikTok

TikTok collects customer data and browsing behavior from your store to optimize your ad targeting experience. By using tools including Pixel, TikTok enables advertisers to attribute actions taken on your website back to TikTok. These tools allow you to receive insights from your visitors and their site behavior. This data can help measure campaign performance and better define your ad's audience. In turn, you can improve the reach and increase conversions on your ad campaigns. 

Levels of data sharing

To get started, you must enable data sharing & select a designated level. TikTok allows you to choose how data is collected and shared between your online store and TikTok. You have three data-sharing levels to choose from: Standard, Enhanced, or Maximum.

  • Standard uses TikTok Pixel, a technology that collects and shares customers’ browsing behavior on your online store. Browser-based ad blockers can prevent the pixel from collecting data.

  • Enhanced adopts effective data-sharing methods to share activity from your customers and improve ads peformance. This includes using TikTok Pixel, Events API, and Advanced Matching.

  • Maximum combines all data-sharing options to optimize ads performance and reach the most customers. This level uses TikTok Pixel, Events API, Advanced Matching, Shopify APIs, and is constantly updated with the latest TikTok technology to share customer information.

Note: Events API will be included in Enhanced and Maximum data sharing levels and available to all advertisers in late June 2023.

To learn more about how TikTok uses this data, refer to TikTok's Business Product Terms.

Managing privacy policy

With TikTok, you have control over how your customer and store data is shared. Make sure your customers understand how you collect and assess their information. You should ensure that your privacy policy reflects your usage of customer data. For more information see Shopify's privacy policy guidelines for stores.