Set Up a Lead Generation Campaign with an Instant Form
Last updated, May 2024

If you have an existing website lead form, our Lead Generation solutions make it easy to direct potential leads to that page. For more details on how to set up this type of Lead Generation Campaign, refer to Set Up a Lead Generation Campaign with a Website Form (Conversion).

If you do not have a website lead form or are looking to create a native experience for your potential customers, our in-app instant form solution offer flexibility in lead capture and management.

Using an in-app instant form is good for advertisers who want to decrease friction for potential leads and qualify them later. Our instant form solution allows:

  • ​Decreased user form friction

  • ​Building customer/email lists

  • ​Instant lead capture

  • ​Real-time CRM sync

  • Multiple form templates to choose from based on your specific lead generation needs

Getting Started

To set up Lead Generation with an in-app Instant Form, make the following selections at the campaign level:

  1. ​Select Lead Generation as the Advertising Objective.

  2. Create a new Ad Group, selecting Instant Form as the Optimization Location.

  3. ​After setting up the Ad Group, you can create a new or attach an existing Instant Form at the Ad level in the Destination section.

For more detailed information on how to set up your Instant Form, refer to Create an Instant Form.