Manage your leads in the Leads Center
Last updated, March 2024

Lead Center is a lead management tool that enables you to organize and manage the leads directly from your TikTok Ad account. With Leads Center you can track and categorize your leads by utilizing the following capabilities:

Access Leads Center

You can access the Leads Center from

  • ​Campaign > Ads > Download Leads > Leads Center

  • Tools > Leads

Update Lead status

You can tag and track the progress of leads across the pipeline (raw to conversion). You update the lead status by selecting from the drop-down under Status.

  • ​Raw: Leads on which no action taken yet.

  • Qualified: Leads that have qualified for the product or service as per qualifying criteria.

  • Unqualified: Leads that have not qualified for the product/service as per qualifying criteria.

  • Contacted: Leads that have been contacted.

  • Converted: The final stage, signifying leads that have been converted into customers.

Add Labels

Create a custom label to describe your leads and manage them with easily identifiable characteristics.

  • ​To create a new Label

    • ​Click Label Settings > Add Label > Enter Label > Save

  • ​To update the label of a lead

    • ​Click Select Label > Select from drop-down

Take Notes and Access lead details

Leads Center enables you to add notes to the individual lead record and access its contents as submitted to the instant form. You can also view the instant form here. You can access the lead details and notes by clicking on the individual lead in the Leads Center.

  • ​Take Notes

    • ​Click on Lead > Notes

  • ​View Instant Form

    • ​Click on Lead > View Instant Form

  • ​View Lead Details

    • ​Click on Lead > Lead Contact Info

Filter and Search Leads

You can easily search and filter the leads by identifying them through Lead status, customized labels, instant form ids, assignees, and more parameters within a specified duration.

  • ​Filter leads based on :

    • Assignee: Click on Filter > Assignee > Select assignee from the drop-down.

    • ​Label: Click on Filter > Label > Select label from the drop-down.

    • Status: Click on Filter > Status > Select status from the drop-down.

    • Access status: Click on Filter > Access Status > Select Access Status from the drop-down.

  • ​ Search leads with the below identifiers:

    • ​Ad ID

    • Ad Name

    • Ad Group Name

    • ​Ad Group ID

    • Campaign Name

    • ​Campaign ID

    • ​Instant Form Name

    • ​Instant Form ID


Assign assignees to the leads that you have gathered through TikTok Lead Generation. The assignees will have the admin authority.

  • ​Update the lead record's assignee by selecting from the drop-down under Assignee.

Bulk manage

You can update the Status, Label, and Assignee to a number of leads. Bulk Management is activated when you select the checkbox corresponding to the lead record.

  • Edit Label

    • ​Select Leads > Bulk Management > Edit Label > Select Label > Save

  • ​Edit Assignee

    • ​Select Leads > Bulk Management > Edit Label > Select Label > Save

  • ​Edit Status

    • ​Select Leads > Bulk Management > Edit Label > Select Label > Save


  • ​Only Admin authorized users of the account are allowed to access leads.

  • ​TikTok Ads Manager only stores lead data for 90 days.

For more information on how to manage your leads, see What's the Benefit of Integrating your CRM System with TikTok.