About TikTok on Cafe24
Last updated, May 2024

TikTok on Cafe24 is an integration that allows Cafe24 merchants to set up TikTok For Business, manage TikTok ad campaigns, measure campaign performance, and drive more potential customers to merchants' stores.

Features and benefits

  • Get started with TikTok For Business with one click. Create or link your TikTok For Business account, TikTok Ads Manager and TikTok Business Center, install the TikTok Pixel and Events API, and sync your product catalog.

  • Set up safe and reliable data connections, with no changes to website code required. With TikTok Pixel and Events API, you can:

    • Enhance Ad Campaign Performance: Drive better results and enrich optimization with a browser and server-side connection with your store.

    • Empower Insights via Measurement Capabilities: Measure events throughout the customer journey, including the payment and checkout pages, and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of your ads.

  • Create Lead Generation and Conversion campaigns to find new customers, gain qualified leads, and drive meaningful engagement with your TikTok community.

  • Sync your e-commerce catalog. Make your products discoverable on TikTok with the automatic catalog sync from Cafe24.