How to Set Up TikTok Shopping

Before getting started: TikTok Shopping is a pilot program that is available for select markets and platforms. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

TikTok Commerce includes two eCommerce solutions: TikTok Shop and Storefront. While both solutions let you access TikTok Shopping's suite of features and advertising tools, they are set up differently.

About setting up TikTok Shop

To set up TikTok Shop, you will need to onboard through the TikTok Seller Center, our one-stop portal that provides merchants with end-to-end solutions to launch and manage their eCommerce business on TikTok.

  • TikTok Seller Center: When you create a shop with TikTok Seller Center you can run every aspect of your eCommerce business entirely through TikTok. 

About setting up TikTok Storefront

TikTok Storefront is currently only available to merchants who have already onboarded to the product. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve our products to help businesses grow via TikTok!

There are three different integration paths:

  • Partner Platform: Merchants and sellers can launch their storefront using a supported eCommerce partner platform using the TikTok eCommerce Partner Platform Integration.A partner integration will instantly sync your products from your eCommerce platform to TikTok For Business and TikTok Store Manager. 

  • Manual Set Up:You can launch directly from your TikTok For Business account, by creating product catalogs on TikTok Business Center, and creating a storefront on TikTok Store Manager. 

  • API Integration:You can create an app using the TikTok Marketing API to set up and manage your storefront. 

Supported eCommerce partner platforms