How to Create LIVE Shopping Ads

The LIVE Shopping Ads feature is already available to all TikTok Shops.

There are three ways you can connect TikTok Shop to Ad Account for advertising purposes:

  1. ​In Seller Center, connect one or multiple Ad Accounts for advertising purposes. See How to Set Up Shopping Ads in Seller Center for the steps.

  2. Or in Business Center, request access to one or multiple TikTok Shops for advertising purposes. See Requesting TikTok Shop Access from Business Center for the steps.

  3. Or in Ads Manager, link a TikTok Account with Showcase permission authorized. For the steps, refer to How to get Showcase permission.

Note: To use LIVE Shopping Ads, you must already have TikTok Shopping set up. If you have not set up TikTok Shopping, see How to Set Up TikTok Shopping Direct Integration using TikTok Seller Center.

About LIVE Shopping Ads

For sellers using TikTok Shopping, LIVE Shopping Ads help people on TikTok discover and watch your LIVE videos, and browse and buy your products. LIVE Shopping Ads allow you to bring more traffic to your shop and products on TikTok.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of how to create LIVE Shopping Ads on TikTok Ads Manager.

To Create a LIVE Shopping Ads Campaign

Create a New Campaign

  1. Go to TikTok Ads Manager and start a new Campaign.

  2. From the Campaign creation page, select Product Sales as the objective.

  3. Select TikTok Shop as the Product Source, then complete the campaign settings.

Set Up an Ad Group

1. Choose LIVE Shopping Ads as the ad type.

2. Select Identity, a TikTok account to represent your business in your ad.

  • The Identity feature allows you to use your own TikTok posts or posts authorized by other creators, as your ad creatives.

3. Select the Shop you want to promote.

4. Complete the ad group settings.

  • For Targeting, ensure that your Age selection is set to 18+. We recommend that you ensure the target audience size is at least Fairly Broad.

  • For Schedule, ensure to enter the start and end date and time to match your LIVE session. For more details on how to schedule your LIVE Shopping Ads, click here.

  • The following full-funnel optimization goal options are available:

    • Click

    • Viewer Retention

    • Product Click in LIVE

    • Initiate Checkouts

    • Purchases

    • GMV

    • The following bidding options are available:

      • Lowest Cost / Highest GMV

      • Cost cap

5. Click Next to continue to your ad settings.

Create Your Ad

  1. ​Click Real-time LIVE to use the livestream.

2. Or select a Single Video as your ad creative. Your ad creative will bring the viewers to your livestream when they click it. This single video can be a TikTok Post that belongs to the Identity you selected, or a video uploaded in TikTok Ads Manager.

3. Complete the rest of the Ad settings; then click Submit to publish your LIVE Shopping Ad.