About the Question Card form
Last updated, May 2024

The Question Card is an Instant Form template that guides users through an immersive experience, with questions with every click. The Question Card form delivers a personalized and engaging form-filling experience, making it ideal for longer questionnaires.

Question Card intro GIF

Benefits of the Question Card form

  • New and immersive designs: Transform your forms into authentic TikTok experiences with Question Card's new and improved form and question designs.

  • Enhanced interactivity: Keep potential leads engaged throughout the form submission process, reducing bounce rates and increasing form completions.

  • Personalized user journeys: Use logic, conditional answers, or qualifying questions to shape the conversion path based on your specific needs.

Features of the Question Card form

  • Immersive welcome page: Use a full-screen image overlaid with essential information to drive actions effectively.

  • One question per page: Improve user attention and streamline the form-filling process by presenting one custom question at a time.

  • Image selection question: Use images as options for multiple-choice questions, improving visual engagement and user comprehension.

  • Display time estimates: Provide users with estimated completion times for the form, helping them to manage their time and encouraging higher completion rates.

Who is the Question Card for?

The Question Card is best for Lead Generation advertisers aiming to enhance user engagement and increase form completion rates for longer forms with 2 or more custom questions.

Question Card form components


Details and specs

Welcome Page


Background image:

- Image format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

- File size: Up to 5MB

- Depending on the device, the appearance of the background image may differ slightly. To ensure all important information is visible, avoid placing it near the edges.

Logo (optional)

- Recommended image size: 1080 pixels


- Character limit: 50


Display time estimate (optional)

- By toggling on the Display time estimate, you can display an estimated time of how long it takes to fill out your form (e.g. 3 minutes). This is calculated by the average time it takes people to fill out the form. If you have logic settings applied, the time is based on the maximum question a lead could answer.



Custom questions:

- It's recommended to have more than 2 custom questions for the Question Card form.

- Each custom question will be displayed as a single Question Card.

Supported custom question types:

- Short answer

- Multiple choice

- Appointment scheduling

- Image question

- Conditional answer

Personal information questions: At least one personal information question is required.

All personal information questions are grouped and shown at the end of the form on a single page before the final page.

Privacy Policy


Company name

Link to your company's privacy policy

Final Page




Call-to-action buttons

Links to visit your website or download your app

Show hand cursor (optional)

To get started with the Question Card form, refer to Create a Question Card.