About the Simple Form template
Last updated, May 2024

The Simple Form template lets you quickly collect contact information.

Benefits of the Simple Form template:

  • Ideal for quick sign-ups & contact info collection.

  • Use this template to keep users laser-focused on submitting their contact details.

Simple Form components


Details & specs



Logo: recommended image size 1080 pixels

Display name: recommended character limit < 60


Promotional slogan (optional)



Purpose statement: a statement to specify the reason for the form and information you're collecting.

Custom Questions: add questions related to your business or the products you're promoting. Supported custom question types include Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Appointment Scheduling, Conditional Answer, Image Question.

- Allows Logic Settings when the form has more than two custom questions.

- Allows Qualifying Questions for the Multiple Choice question type.

Personal Information Questions: collect personal information from users such as email, name, demographics, or work related information.

Privacy Policy


Company name: character limit <50

Link to your company's privacy policy

Custom disclaimer (optional)

Final Page




Call-to-action buttons and URL links of your website or app downloading pages

Show hand cursor (optional)

To learn how to set up a Blank Form template, refer to Create an Instant Form.