Ad Policy Handbook: Japan (JP)

Before getting started: The information in this handbook provides a helpful introductory understanding of TikTok's Advertising Guidelines, together with visual examples. It does not substitute TikTok's full Advertising Guidelines. It is only for reference and not an answer to the actual advertisement case. Please go through our TikTok Advertising Guidelines for full details.

TikTok Ad Policy Handbook

We want to create a safe place for your brand and people to connect.

This Advertisers’ Ad Policy Handbook gives an introduction to TikTok’s underlying advertising philosophy and policy basics.

Together, we create the TikTok experience that inspires creativity and brings joy!

1.​ Ad Review Process

As part of TikTok's Ad Review process, we go through the following advertisement elements:

  • ​Promoted Product(s) or Service(s) Featured on Landing Page

    • ​This determines an advertisement's suitability (whether allowed or prohibited) on TikTok

  • ​Ad Creative Elements, including:

    • ​Caption or text

    • ​Images or visual content

    • ​Audio content

    • ​Any other content that forms part of the Ad Creative

  • ​Targeted Region Information such as:

    • Age targeting/ group

    • Product's Permit

    • Currency (overseas region)

    • Language (overseas region)

2.​ Advertising Policies

For your ads to run smoothly and successfully on TikTok, it is critical that your product/service and ad creative are compliant with our advertising policies.

“Is my Product/ Service allowed on TikTok?” (Industry Entry Guidelines)

To comply with the laws and show respect for the cultures of the targeting countries or regions, products, and services are categorized according to their industry. In TikTok, we categorize advertisers' industries under one of the following:

Ad Policy Handbook SEA and NEA-industry catagories-JPG

2.1 Prohibited Industries

a. Globally Prohibited Industries

You are advised to refer to the Industry Entry Guidelines for each industry's full, detailed information.

  1. ​Environmental protection, sales or adoption of rare/protected species (both plants and animals) or bodies of living animals

  2. ​Adult Sexual Products, Services, and Entertainment

  3. ​Casinos and Other Gambling Services

  4. ​Cigarettes and Tobacco-related Products

  5. ​Counterfeit or things that are considered to be counterfeit and copyright infringement (piracy)

  6. ​Drugs and Paraphernalia

  7. ​Police/Military Gear and Equipment

  8. ​Political-related

  9. ​Religion or ideology-related, or things that could trigger hate speech

  10. ​Everything that could be considered discrimination

  11. ​Illegal or unsuitable Businesses, Products, or Services

  12. ​Illegal or Business schemes which are unacceptable on TikTok

  13. ​Weapons and state-conflict related

  14. ​Inappropriate advertising for Covid-19

  15. ​Products or services that could infringe on the protection of minors

  16. ​Products or services that could infringe on human rights

Our platform prohibits the spread of demagogies about the current pandemic and advertisements that are not true. We also prohibit the sale of medical masks, gas masks, protective clothing, and COVID-19-related products*.

Medical & Non-medical mask

*COVID-19-related products: Subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation.

b. Prohibited Industries In Japan

You are advised to refer to the Industry Entry Guidelines for detailed and applicable regional policies for your industry.



1. P2P Loan

A service that allows you to exchange money between individuals

2. Domestic Financial Products and Services

- Services related to mining

- Services related to gold trading and futures trading

- Factoring services such as payroll prepayment, prepaid goods purchase, post payment (credit), Cashing services of credit card, etc.

- Other services that are prohibited by Japanese law

(For more than this list, please refer to Restricted Industries) / (For more than this list, please refer to Restricted Industries Section 2.2)

3. Overseas Financial Products and Services

Overseas institution is not allowed to advertise financial service or credit card cash out to JP Market. (Local institution please refer to restricted industry, section 2.2)

4. Information products with unclear grounds and unfounded reality

Offer product/service without objective facts, data, and clear information.

Or misleading the user by creating an impression of obtaining high returns or success with little risk, skill, effort, or short time, etc.

- Products that provide know-how without permission from government agencies or necessary qualifications.

- Products that provide know-how without objective and rational evidence.

- In providing know-how, products that do not have an objective track record in the industry

- Multi-level marketing businesses.

- Other products that claim users can easily earn, improve their skills/abilities, enrich their lives, or become wealthier without evidence.

5. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Ads promoting below products or services are not allowed (other than this lists please check the restricted Industry section):

a. Prescription drugs (excluding prescription drugs due to cosmetic treatments), clinical trials for the elderly or related products;

b. Breast augmentation, hormone therapy, and genital treatment in domestic cosmetic surgery;

c. Overseas medical institutions and services;

d. Other matters that are prohibited by the Medical Law to advertise;

e. (Inexpensive appeal of medical fees, campaigns, limited time offer, unlimited deal, etc.)

6. Contraceptives

- Family Planning

- Sex-related products

7. Bar/Club

Bar or club with entertainment (including services intended for encounters such as Maid Cafes, Guarantee Drinking, and Shared Seats).

8. Video Chat Service

Dating Video Chat Service that doesn't meet the criteria.

9. Overseas Real Estate

Real estate services (including investments) that do not have a business base in Japan.

10. Games

Cashable game, real money trade, and paid gacha. Game plug-ins for assisting with falsification.

Gambling games that can earn cash or cryptographic assets or paid gacha products. Plugin that can illegally modifies a program.

11. Cryptographic Assets

Companies and services other than exchanges authorized by the Financial Services Agency.

12. Random Boxes

Advertisements that sell fake or unauthorized copies of branded products and copyrighted works, etc.

13. Gambling

- Online casino.

- Offline gambling (real store) and other gambling services.

- Gambling games that can earn cash or cryptographic assets.

- Horse racing, bicycle racing, boat racing, auto racing, and related services.

- Fantasy Sports.

14. Recruitment of Model and Influencer

- Audition or any recruitment announcement of Model and influencer (However, it may be acceptable depending on the size of the company and the public recognition, etc.)

Example of information products with unclear grounds and unfounded reality:

image (1)

Example of random boxes:

image (2)

2.2 Restricted Industries In Japan

Restricted industries are allowed in some countries or regions upon fulfilling one or more of the following condition(s):

  • Age Restriction (18+/20+)

  • ​Allowed

Below is a non-exhaustive list of popular industries in Japan.

If you are advertising for one of the mentioned products/services, it will be helpful for you to get familiar with the advertising requirements for these industries. You are advised to refer to the Industry Entry Guidelines for detailed applicable regional policies.


  1. ​We do not require advertisers to submit certifications. But, there are industries that need to be registered by a government institution together with other requirements as below;

  • Contact your local Account Managers (AMs) for detailed information



1.​ Dating Apps/Matchmaking

- Apart from 18+ age targeting, there are also other conditions.

- Sexually suggestive expressions will not be allowed.

2.​ Financial Products

- Age restrictions and other conditions apply.

​- Local institutions must get approval from local authorities.

3.​ Games

- Gambling simulation games are restricted to those over 18 years old. Products and expressions that earn cash (including crypto assets) or may be mistaken for it are restricted.

​- Sexually explicit, grotesque, or incriminating materials will not be allowed.

4.​ Dietary Supplement, Healthcare, Medicines, Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Medical related product

- Exaggerated expression is restricted.

​- Medical institutions must be located & approved in Japan (Personal input of medical products is not allowed).

- ​It is prohibited to promote bullying and discrimination through complex expressions. ​

- Necessary annotations should be clearly indicated & misleading claims are not allowed.

*This industry is regulated by Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Medical Care Law, Health Promotion Law, Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and various other related industry guidelines.

5.​ Online payment, E-commerce, and others

- Follow e-commerce LP requirements:

(i.e. Terms of service, user contact information, privacy policy, transactions/returns/cancellation policy, advertiser’s subject notation, etc.)

6.​ Stocks&Trading&Cryptocurrency Exchange

- Restricted to 20 years old and older.

- ​It is not possible to appeal to individual stocks.

- ​Expressions that inspire gambling are not allowed.

- It is necessary to specify the items registered with the Financial Services Agency, member organizations, etc.

7.​ NFT-related products

- Restricted to 18 or 20 years old and older (varies depending on the product).

- There are conditions regarding company size and safety.

- Expressions that inspire gambling spirits or mislead users are not allowed.

*Depending on the products, it is necessary to specify the items registered with the Financial Services Agency, Participating organizations, etc.

8.​ Simulation gambling

- Restricted to 18 years old and older.

- Simulation gambling that cannot earn cash or cryptocurrency is conditionally allowed.

- Expressions that encourage the gambling spirit are not allowed.

*Please contact local Account Managers (AMs) to get detailed information about this Industry

9.​ Food & Beverages

- Alcoholic beverages must be restricted to an age 20+ audience & no violent or irresponsible drinking scene(s).

- ​Violent or excessive drinking scenes and recommending drinking scenes are not allowed.

- Sake manufacturers & brands need to comply with local regulations for “Voluntary Standards for Advertising and Promotion of Alcoholic Beverages”.

- Promoting Bars & Night clubs with entertainment services is not allowed (host club, cabaret club, bar, maid coffee, etc.).

10.​ Live-Streaming Services

- ​Restricted to 18 years old or older (However, if it is restricted to 12 years old or older in the app store, age restriction could be waived).

- ​Dating or Dating related services are not allowed.

- Sexual suggestions and expressions that could mislead users to think it's a dating service are not allowed.

- Unrealistic or misleading expressions that claim users can boost their profits or public recognition are not allowed.

“Is my Ad Creative allowed on TikTok?” (Ad Creative Guidelines)

The guiding principles for Ad Creatives are as follows:

As a guide, we have provided some examples of positive Ad Creatives for your reference. These are safe guidelines for your brand, our platform, and users. You are advised to refer to the Ad Creative & Landing Page Guidelines for detailed applicable regional policies in your targeting region.

1. ​Ad Format & Functionality

Every ad must be compatible and appropriate with TikTok's platform (in terms of format and functionality). This enables a positive user experience in our community.

The following are non-exhaustive guidelines and examples as a reference. Click here for more information.

Consistency between Ad Creative and Landing Page

Scenario 1


Scenario 2


Fully Functional Landing Page


Usage of Appropriate Language & Currency

For example, German (language) and Euro (currency) are not an acceptable language and currency for Japan (JP) if you target your ad to the Japan Market

Ad Policy Handbook: Japan (JP) - Appropriate Language/Currency

High-Quality Video/Image/Audio

Scenario 1


Scenario 2


Grammatical and Spelling Errors in Ad Creative

​The ad contains incorrect spelling and is non-compliant.

  • The ad contains incorrect spelling and is non-compliant.

Tip: Use commonly accepted spelling and grammar in ads for a positive user experience.

2.​ Misleading Content

In some cases, we restrict ads that may mislead our users due to untrue expressions or exaggerated information.

Below is a non-exhaustive list with examples for your reference. Click here for more detailed information.

Before-After comparison

(Comparison of product effects in one frame/scene or within the same video duration.)

*In principle, it is prohibited to prevent deviation from the effect and misleading the user.


Exaggerated Description & Promises


(Exaggeration claims or promises of product performance)

*In principle, it is prohibited to prevent deviation from the effect and misleading the user.

Absolute Terms

It's prohibited if reasonable evidence (source and survey period of third-party organizations) cannot be stated.

image (4)

Malicious Comparison

image (5)

Inconsistent Information


(Ad Creative & Landing Page display different discount rates or prices)

*Including but not limited to discounts and prices.

Multiple Pricing

Ads showcase multiple prices (actual price & discounted price) as comparative prices to push product upselling, which may mislead our users.

Usually the actual prices have significantly deviated from the Japanese price market without any related proof.

image (6)

Medical Worker

(Appointment of medical workers and qualified persons (nutritionists, pharmacists, etc. regulated by law to promote or support medical devices, medical products/services are not allowed in any circumstances)

image (7)

3.​ Sensitive Content

Some ads may feature content that touches on sensitive topic(s). They are restricted as they may provoke controversial issues in our community, and may result in a negative experience for our users.

The following is a non-exhaustive list with examples for your reference. Click here for more detailed information.

Sexually Suggestive Content


(Sexually suggestive action(s) through text, gesture(s) and clothing)

Excessive Skin Exposure



(Cannot be featured in any form, including but not limited to dialogues, gestures, monologues and/or song lyrics)

JP Profanities

Dangerous Behavior(s)

(Depiction of dangerous or illegal behavior)


Crime Scene(s)

(Bloody or gruesome imagery which are likely to shock or trigger viewers in extremely negative ways)

image (17)

Discriminatory Content


(Hate speech against any individuals or groups)

Image of Cash and Crypto Assets


(Expressions of cash that encourage excessive gambling are restricted.)

  • Impression that users become rich.

  • Scene of giving and receiving a large amount of money (including recalling such scene).

  • Image depicting cash and cryptocurrencies being generated.

  • Other contents that may lead to the above.

4.​ Prohibited or Restricted Content

TikTok regulates the appearance of prohibited and restricted products in ad creatives.

The following is a non-exhaustive list with information and examples for your reference. Click here for more detailed information.


(Display of tobacco & tobacco-related products)

image (10)


(Display of scenes of drinking, in some regions)

image (11)

Protection of Minors

Ads are not allowed to promote any inappropriate content that involve minors in any way.

5.​ Infringement Protection

Within TikTok ads, we regulate scenarios that attempt to cover an infringement of others' proprietary products.

Intellectual property infringement includes, but is not limited to, copyright and trademark of music videos, logos, words, symbols, slogans, designs, etc.

Please click here for more details.

Counterfeit Products

(Display or selling of fake or replica products)

image (12)

Copyright & Trademark

(Usage of third-party brands without authorization)


TikTok Elements


(Usage of TikTok logo or reputation without authorization)

  • User account ID ("@ ...") is displayed.

  • Content that may be misunderstood as recommended by TikTok.

Final Note: Ad Review Checklist

You have probably spent much of your time planning, creating, and finalizing your ad.

Getting familiar with the dos and don'ts of TikTok's ad policies can help you avoid some pitfalls that may cause an ad disapproval.

Before you submit your ad, don't forget to check the following:

1. Ad Review Checklist

2. Common Reason Ads Fail

We want to create a safe place for your brand and people to connect.

Together we create the TikTok experience that inspires creativity and brings joy!