Considerations for Video Shopping Ads (for Catalog)

Before getting started: Video Shopping Ads (for Catalog) is now automatically available to all Web advertisers globally through open beta testing. The App use case is only available to selected advertisers for closed beta testing. Please contact your sales representative to verify your eligibility.

To help you plan your Video Shopping Ads campaigns, we have put together a list of key things to consider when planning your campaign.

About video content for Video Shopping Ads

Like regular TikTok ads, you will need video assets to create Video Shopping Ads. You have the option of using your product information to dynamically create Catalog Video or using videos you upload or select from your Asset Library.

To create Video Shopping Ads, you will need to make your ads using a Single Video, Catalog Video, or both.

Create a Single Video on TikTok Ads Manager

There are two ways to create or upload a single video on TikTok Ads Manager:

  • From the Ad module:

    • Select Single Video as the Ad format.

    • Under Video, click +Upload, +From Library, or +Create.

    • Upload or select a video asset or create one using our creative tools.

  • From the Creative page:

    • On TikTok Ads Manager go to Assets, select Creatives, and click Videos.

    • Click Create and select one of the available creative tools, like TikTok Video Editor.

    • Create your video using the available tools.

  • Alternatively, use Spark Ads to leverage organic TikTok posts and their features in your advertising.

Create a Catalog Video on TikTok Ads Manager

After adding your products to your catalog, you can quickly generate videos featuring your products directly from the Catalog Manager.

  1. Go to your Business Center.

  2. Select your catalog and open it in Catalog Manager.

  3. Under Configure, click Videos.

  4. Choose the video style you want to create for your catalog products. Choose from: Dynamic Template, Custom Template, or Ready-to-use TikTok Templates.

    • Dynamic Templates: A tool that automatically turns your products into optimized video ads using templates designed to look and feel hyper-native to TikTok. This means visualizing relevant details from your product catalog, such as images, text, and prices. The system will automatically combine the visuals in your catalog with video effects, music, and contextually relevant stickers, creating an engaging video for each product.

    • Custom Template Video: A customized solution that enables you to develop a totally custom creative unit that reflects your brand's visual identity. When creating a Custom Template Video, you can use your brand's signature colors, logo, visuals, messaging, and audio.

    • Ready to use TikTok Templates: Pick from our library of over 50 TikTok Templates to get started. This allows you to generate video assets with just a few clicks while adding customization.

  5. Once you select a style for your Catalog Video, follow the on-screen instructions to create your video package.


  • You do not need to generate videos for products if your Catalog contains links to Product Videos.

  • Each Catalog can only have a maximum of 20 video packages at a time. You will need to delete one of your video packages before creating another if you have already met the maximum of 20 video packages.

Create a Catalog Carousel on TikTok Ads Manager

Powered by your catalog, this is a scalable and cost-free solution to showcase multiple products in a swipeable carousel, taking your shoppers to unique landing pages.

  • From the Ad module:

    • Select Catalog Carousel as the Ad format.

    • Upload or select a music of choice that will accompany your Carousel.

About Dynamic Destination

Note: Dynamic Destination is only available for website advertisers.

You can leverage the Dynamic Destination feature to help optimize ad delivery for your Video Shopping Ads. When Dynamic Destination is enabled, your audience will be directed to your landing page or a TikTok Instant Page, depending on what is most likely to generate the best results for your business.

With Dynamic Destination enabled, there are two possible outcomes:

  • Your potential customers will be led directly to your business website or landing page.

  • Your potential customers will be led to our automatically created Instant Product Page, where they can browse a collection of your products or be shown more details on a specific product. They will then be led to your business website or landing page where they can complete their purchase.

Instant Product Page

Note: Instant Product Page is only available for website advertisers.

You can control the post-click experience when you create Video Shopping Ads. You can direct your customers to a landing page on your website or an Instant Product Page.

With an Instant Product Page, you can lead your customers to a native TikTok landing page where you can display a range of products and increase signal collection to help improve your campaign performance.

Your customers will be led to your business website or landing page from the Instant Product Page for checkout.