Create an Instant Form
Last updated, May 2024

If you are looking to create a native experience for potential customers, our in-app instant form solution offers flexibility in lead capture and management. When someone clicks the CTA on your Lead Generation ad, it will pull up an Instant Form. The Instant Form allows customers to share their contact information, answer your questions, and learn about your business.

Before you begin

To create an Instant Form

Step 1: Access the Instant Form Editor

There are two options to access the Instant Form Editor in TikTok Ads Manager.

Option 1: From the Tools tab

  1. Log in to TikTok Ads Manager.

  2. Select the Tools tab.

  3. Choose Instant Page.

  4. Click Create and then select the Instant Form tab.

Create Instant Form - Tools Option screenshot

Option 2: During campaign creation

  1. Create a Lead Generation Campaign.

  2. At the ad group level, select Instant Form as the Optimization Location. Complete the remainder of your Ad Group settings and continue to the ad creation page.

  3. At the ad level, locate the Destination section, then click + Create.

Step 2: Customize your Instant Form

Once you have accessed the Instant Form Editor, you can edit your Instant Form components.

1. Start with selecting a form template from the following options:

Choose Instant Form type

Layouts & supported form templates

Classic layout

- Simple Form: includes basic form modules (Introduction and Questions) only. This template is useful for quick sign-ups and gathering contact information.

- Rich Content Form: allows additional custom content blocks, designed for providing more context and boosting user awareness and trust.

- Blank Form: create your own form with all available content blocks and flexible layouts.

Card layout

- Question Card: presents each custom question on its own page, ensuring a focused and engaging form-filling experience for longer forms.

2. After selecting a template, click Confirm.

3. On the form creation page, use the drop-down menus at the top to set up the color scheme and language of your form.

Question Card color scheme - screenshot

4. On the Content tab, customize the following components to design your form:

Add Components Instant Form

Form Components


Requirement / Availability


The Banner lets you display your brand or product on the top of your Instant Form using an image or carousel.

- Simple Form: N/A

- Rich Content Form: Required

- Blank Form: Optional

- Question Card: N/A


The Introduction section allows you to share some information about your business and the purpose of your form. You can add a display name, headline, logo (optional) and promotion slogan (optional) in this section.

- Simple Form: Optional

- Rich Content Form: Optional

- Blank Form: Optional

- Question Card: N/A

Welcome Page

The Welcome Page section allows you to set up the background image, title and description for the first page of your Question Card form.

- Simple Form: N/A

- Rich Content Form: N/A

- Blank Form: N/A

- Question Card: Required


The Questions section allows you to create Custom Questions to ask questions related to your business or products, and gather Personal Information for future contact.

For more details, refer to Instant Form question types and settings.

- Simple Form: Required

- Rich Content Form: Required

- Blank Form: Required

- Question Card: Required

Qualifying Question

You have the option to set one Multiple Choice question as your Qualifying Question. This option allows you to categorize leads to be Preferred or Not Preferred based on their response to the Multiple Choice question, and direct them to different Final Pages.

- Simple Form: Optional

- Rich Content Form: Optional

- Blank Form: Optional

- Question Card: Optional


The Privacy section requires you to list your Company Name and enter a Link URL to your company's privacy policy on your landing page or website.

You can optionally toggle on the Custom Disclaimer option to add additional Terms and Condition to the default TikTok privacy policy. If enabled, you can include additional "required" or "optional" disclaimers for user consent. For required consents, users have to give their consent in order to submit the form.

- Simple Form: Required

- Rich Content Form: Required

- Blank Form: Required

- Question Card: Required

Custom Components

The Custom Components section allows you to add custom structured content blocks to provide more context and information.

Available content blocks include product details & benefits, testimonials, steps, about us, FAQ, text, image, and carousel.

For more information, refer to Instant Form Custom Components.

- Simple Form: N/A

- Rich Content Form: Optional

- Blank Form: Optional

- Question Card: N/A

5. Once you've finished setting up the Content of your form, click on the Final Page tab to add a Thank You message and inform people about what happens once they submit your form. You will be able to add a Headline and a Description on this page. Additionally, you can add your Call-to-Action Button, which will allow you to drive traffic to your website and/or an app install page. A Final Page is required for all forms.

Final Page tab Instant Form

Note: If you use a Qualifying Question in your form, you have the option to set up two different Final Pages for preferred leads and not-preferred leads on this tab.

Step 3: Set Up form type and tracking

After you finish customizing your form content, navigate to the Settings tab to select Form Type, customize Field Names, and add Tracking Parameters to your form.

Settings tab Instant Form
  • Form Types:

    • More Volume: prioritize the volume of leads, where no additional review page is added for users prior to submitting the form. More Volume is selected as the form type by default.

    • Higher Intent: focus on leads with higher intent by adding a review screen and CAPTCHA after users click Submit on your form to verify that the lead is a real person. The review screen and CAPTCHA module will be automatically generated if you select this form type.

  • Field Names:

    • The Field Names section allows you to customize the field names shown in the dowloaded lead file, or in your CRM system. You may want to do this if you have your CRM system integrated with TikTok and wish to match the TikTok lead data field names with your CRM system data fields. The custom field names are not visible to users.

  • Tracking Parameters:

    • Enter parameter name and value if you wish to identify which marketing channels or campaigns your leads are coming from. You can see your tracking parameters when you assess your lead data through API, CSV downloads, or within your integrated CRM system. The tracking parameters are not visible to users.

Step 4: Save and Complete

  1. While you are creating your form, you can click Save to draft your form for later completion. Click Complete once you finish setting up your form to publish. The form cannot be completed if any required section remains incomplete; in such cases, a red exclamation mark will appear next to the incomplete section. Note that you cannot edit the form after you click Complete; however, you can copy an existing form from the Instant Page page, make changes to it and save it as a new form.

  2. If the form is created on the ad creation page and you have integrated your CRM with TikTok, remember to Connect with your CRM system by clicking Connect to CRM. Learn more about Available CRM integrations for TikTok Lead Generation with Instant Form.